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EMF is the umbrella organisation of minigolf players throughout Europe, members are national minigolf federations. Supreme organ of EMF is members delegates conference (DC) held every 2 years. The federation is managed by the Executive Committee (Board) and committees. For details see EMF statutes and Organisation.

On this website you'll find information about EMF and competitions promoted by EMF  - European Championships, Nations Cups and the Minigolf Champions League Final (formerly European Cup). The Seniors World Championhips are promoted by EMF.
Youth Competitions (World & European) are promoted by World Minigolf Sport Federation WMF.

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Decisions about the EMF events referring to the cancellation of all WMF International Minigolf Championships in 2020 and postponing to 2021

WMF Executive Committee has yesterday confirmed the following decision regarding 2020 International Minigolf Championships (world and continental events). The decision is made in close cooperation with the continental federations EMF, AMF and AMSF:

All remaining scheduled championships in 2020 are hereby officially cancelled due to the current Covid-19 pandemic situation. We believe that even though organizing competitions might be possible later this year, it could probably happen only with strong restrictions and the full focus would not be on sport. Also international travelling will probably stay restricted for longer time and it would be very hard to allow all nations similar possibilities to participate.

After discussions with the designated organizers they all have agreed to organize the championships in 2021. We are grateful for their flexibility and cooperation and have decided to change the WMF International Sport Regulations for World and Continental Championships so that the rotation of the championships will be moved ahead by one year. This means that even years will from 2022 on be World Championships years for general class and odd years Continental Championships years. For youth and seniors it will be vice versa.

Considering the postponement to 2021 of the Minigolf Champions League Final and that in some nations there are already qualified teams EMF board took the following decision to preserve the rights of the teams already qualified: the teams already qualified at the MCL Final 2020 are automatically qualified at the MCL Final 2021. Anyway it remain under the sole responsibility of each Member Nation the communication to EMF of the entitled-to-play Teams according to the standard schedule (Further information about MCL final 2021 schedule will follow in due time).

All signed contracts (MCL Final Canegrate 2021) and all the discussions about the next assignment are shifted 1 year.


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